About GSRC

Graduate students play a vital role at York University. Not only are we students, we are also researchers, innovators, teachers, and mentors. Graduate students are the future of research, innovation, and academia in Canada and globally. In recognition of the important role that graduate students play, we are hosting a Congress-style, interdisciplinary and intersectional graduate student research conference bringing social sciences and humanities students together in collaboration across disciplines. This conference will provide graduate students the opportunity to participate in rich conversations, showcase their strengths, and build capacity amongst graduate programs.

The themes of the conference will align with the 4 themes of Canada150 - Diversity and Inclusion, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, and Environment. The Call for Proposals will be inclusive, inviting participants from all social sciences and humanities graduate programs at York University and neighbouring universities to critically examine past, current, and future ideas and research.

While our inspiration draws from the model of Congress, we are aiming for one conference that allows graduate students from various disciplines to share research on common themes. We will organize concurrent sessions by the four themes of Canada150 and showcase graduate student research from across the Social Sciences and Humanities fields. This model allows for intersectionality, optimal collaboration, and interdisciplinary dialogue.

We would like to thank 150 Canada @ York for generously sponsoring this event.